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Persons establishing their residence in Austria must register to the competent registration authority [Meldebehörde] for themselves and all minors living in the same household.

The following situations require a registration [Anmeldung]:

  • First establishment of an accommodation in Austria
  • House moving within Austria (changing one's principal residence [Hauptwohnsitz])
  • Establishment of a further residence (principal residence stays the same)

If a new principal residence is registered, the authority competent for the new principal residence is able to carry out the de-registration [Abmeldung] or the change of registration [Ummeldung] of the former residence together with the registration of the new residence.

Residence registrationGerman text of a newborn baby can be carried out together with the notification of its birth at the register office [Standesamt] if a residence registration form [Meldezettel-Formular] is filled in beforehand (which is usually done at the hospital). In this case registration to the authority is not necessary.

Changes of the name, civil status, sex or citizenship made in Austria are entered directly into the central register [Zentrales Melderegister] by the departments responsible for civil status or the citizenship offices. Therefore, separate registration is not required.

Failure to fulfil the legal obligation to register one's residence, for example by failing to register or de-register or by registering or de-registering although no accommodation is established or the existing accommodation is not given up, is considered an administrative offence which can result in a fineGerman text of up to 726 Euro. Should the offence be repeated, the fine can be up to 2.180 Euro.

Information on notifying changes of address to government authorities, organisations etc.German text can be found on the German website at


Within three days after moving

Competent authority

For the registration of a principal residence or a further residenceGerman text: the registration authority that is competent for the new residence


Registrations can be carried out either in person or through the post or be delivered by a person you trust. However, registrations via fax or e-mail are currently not permitted by law.

Minors must be registered by their parents or legal guardians or those who are entitled to care for them. Custodians [Erwachsenenvertreterinnen/Erwachsenenvertreter] are required to carry out the registration for mentally handicapped persons as long as this procedure is part of their field of action. In cases where there are no such people the accommodation providers must carry out the registration.

For making a registration in person or via post you require a residence registration form which makes it possible for the registration authorities to enter the registration data into the register. This form can be downloaded and it is available at registration authorities. Furthermore, it is available at some tobacconists.

The columns of the form must be filled in completely and legibly. Please note the following characteristics:

  • Religious belief [Religionsbekenntnis]: This column can also be filled in after the accommodation provider has signed the form. It can also be left empty.
  • Central register number [ZMR-Zahl]: This number must be declared as far as it is known. Central register numbers are twelve-figure numbers arbitrarily allocated by the system and are used for identification by the authorities.
  • Signature of the person who is obliged to register: By signing the form, the person confirms the accuracy of the registration data.
  • Signature of the accommodation provider

An accommodation provider is a person who effectively provides accommodation for a person taking up the accommodation, for example

  • a house owner or an owner of a condominium for himself or herself, for a cohabitant (e.g. his or her partner or relative) or for the main tenant,
  • the main tenant for his or her cohabitant or subtenant,
  • the subtenant for his or her cohabitant.

A separate residence registration form must be filled in for each person.

You will receive a written confirmation of registration [Bestätigung der Meldung] (formerly known as "Meldezettel").

Documents required

  • Public documents that include last name and first name, last name before the first marriage, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship of the person taking up the accommodation (e.g. passportGerman text and birth certificate [Geburtsurkunde])
  • Optionally documentary proof of academic degrees [Urkundlicher Nachweis akademischer Grade]
  • For people taking up accommodation without Austrian citizenship (foreigners):
    • Travel document (e.g. passport)
  • For registration of a newborn baby (at the registration authority):
In the case of not registering in person, the original documents or notarised or legally certified copiesGerman text of these documents must be sent or given to the postal carrier together with a Residence Registration Form [Meldezettel] that has been filled in. Please consider the risk involved in sending original documents per post; it is not borne by the competent authority.


There are no fees or costs.

Additional information

Residence in tourist accommodations (e.g. hotels, inns, bed and breakfast places, rooms in private homes) also requires registration which is carried out by entry in the guest register [Gästeverzeichnis] (the collection of visitors' books [Gästeblattsammlung] until 31 march 2016) in the accommodation.

Homeless people have the possibility to obtain a certificate of their principal residence from the registration authority provided they

  • can furnish prima facie evidence to demonstrate that the primary centre of their daily and usual life activities has solely been within the territory of this municipality and
  • can designate a place which they visit on a regular basis (day centre, e.g. private contact, social services department, homeless shelter).

Exemptions from the obligation to register one's residence

People who are already registered at another place in Austria are exempt from the obligation to register their residence provided they

  • are accommodated in a flat for no more than two months free of charge (e.g. holidays at their grandparents),
  • are admitted to a hospital as patients,
  • are minors who are accommodated at a children's home, a boarding school, a hall of residence, a youth centre or a sports home or
  • are members of the Austrian Armed Forces, the police, the customs guard or the prison service or people in the context of catastrophe services initiatives who are accommodated in a shared accommodation building (e.g. in barracks).

People who are accommodated in a flat for no more than three days are also exempt from the obligation to register their residence irrespective of whether they are already registered in Austria or not.

According to the E-Government-Gesetz, the registration authority must enter existing civil status certificates and proofs of citizenship in the standard register of documents. Generally such registered documents do not need to be provided any more in their original form for (electronic) administrative processes.

EU/EEA Citizens

EU/EEA citizens and their relatives who intend to stay in Austria for more than three months and settle are required to apply for a registration certificate [Anmeldebescheinigung] additionally. Further information on this topic can be found in the chapter "Einreise, Aufenthalt und Niederlassung in der EU" at the German website of

Legal basis


Residence Registration Form [Meldezettel]German text
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