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Persons giving up their accommodation in an Austrian residence must de-register with the registration authority [Meldebehörde]. De-registration of one's principal residence must be carried out by the authority competent for this residence. Secondary residences can be de-registered at every registration authority.

If a new principal residence is registered, the authority competent for the new principal residence is able to carry out the de-registration or the change of registration [Ummeldung] of the former residence together with the registration [Anmeldung] of the new residence. In this case separate de-registration is not required.

Failure to fulfil the legal obligation to register one's residence, for example by failing to register or de-register or by registering or de-registering although no accommodation is established or the existing accommodation is not given up, is considered an administrative offence which can result in a fineGerman text of up to 726 Euro. Should the offence be repeated, the fine can be up to 2.180 Euro.

Online Application via a Citizen Card [Bürgerkarte]

Since April 2016, persons of full age may de-register their residence online via the central register by using a citizen card.
Upon successful identification via the citizen card (e.g. via a mobile phone signature [Handysignatur]) all current residences that are entered in the register are displayed. The user can choose the residence that should be de-registered (multiple selection is possible). The information concerning the de-registration is displayed thereafter and can be signed electronically via the citizen card. Finally, a current confirmation of the de-registration process is displayed and can be downloaded.


Within three days before or after move-out

Competent authority

The registration authority


De-registrations can be carried out either in person or through the post or online via a citizen card [Bürgerkarte]. They can also be delivered by a person you trust. However, de-registrations via fax or e-mail are currently not permitted by law.

De-registrations of minors must be carried out by their parents or legal guardians or those who are entitled to care for them. Custodians [Erwachsenenvertreterinnen/Erwachsenenvertreter] are required to carry out the de-registration for mentally handicapped persons as long as this procedure is part of their field of action. In cases where there are no such people the accommodation providers must carry out the de-registration.

For making a de-registration in person or through the post you require a residence registration form [Meldezettel-Formular] which makes it possible for the registration authorities to enter the registration data into the register. This form can be downloaded and it is available at registration authorities. Furthermore, it is available at some tobacconists.

A separate residence registration form must be filled in for each person who wants to carry out de-registration. The accommodation provider's signature is not required for de-Registration.

You will receive a written confirmation of de-registration [Bestätigung der Abmeldung].

Documents required

Official identification with photo [Amtlicher Lichtbildausweis (Identitätsnachweis)]

In the case of not de-registering in person, the original documents or certified copiesGerman text of these documents as well as a filled-in Residence Registration Form [Meldezettel-Formular] must also be sent or given to the postal carrier. Please consider the risk involved in sending original documents per post; it is not borne by the competent authority.


There are no fees or costs.

Legal basis

Sections 2, 4, 4a, 7, 12 and 22 of the Meldegesetz (MeldeG)


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