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Pension Application

General information

The pension application must be submitted to the respective pension insurance agency in the residence state of the person insured. It is then passed on to all pension insurers involved.

The acquired pension times from all states are added together to check whether in each case the national waiting period designated for receiving a pension has been fulfilled.

Benefits are to be furnished by all states, in which time-periods of insurance were accrued, if a benefit demand exists due to the sum of all contribution times accrued.


If a pension time of fewer than 12 months was acquired in one of the states, then the insurer responsible for the calculation and disbursement of the pension in the state concerned is responsible for providing the retirement benefit. This does not apply for pension benefits based on a pension account under the Allgemeines Pensionsgesetz – those are paid if a pension time of fewer than 12 months was acquired.

Competent authority

Pension Insurance Institution [Pensionsversicherungsanstalt]

Additional information

You also can get information concerning the European Union (EU) at Europe Direct (leading to sites in different languages). Your questions will be answered by phone (free of charge).

Additional information can be found on the German website at

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