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Validity Period of Foreign Driving Licences in Austria

  • From an EU or EEA state: generally for an unlimited period
  • From a non-EU or non-EEA state:
    • In case of establishing a residence in Austria: six months starting from establishment of the residence [Wohnsitz], if the owner has reached the age of 18 
    • Without residence in Austria: up to twelve months starting from the entry in the country, if the owner has reached the age of 18 

Please note: If the foreign driving licence is not written in German, it is only valid in combination with an international driving licence or a translation.

Conversion of a Foreign Driving Licence

EEA or European Union driving licences are recognized in Austria, and may be converted at any time on a voluntary basis. If a person with a driving licence class C (C1) or D (D1) which was issued in another EEA state moves to Austria, the licence will be valid until the date declared by the state of issuance, but for no more than five years if the licence has not been converted until then.

Please note: No matter what the reason for the conversion of an EEA or a European Union driving licence is, the authority must always send a request to the state which issued the driving licence in order to ensure that there are no reasons against the issuance of an Austrian driving licence. This request can take several weeks.

More Information can be found on Foreign driving licences – conversion on oesterreich.gv.at.

Responsible Authority

Every driving licence authority in Austria

  • In cities with Federal Police Headquarters: the Federal Police Headquarters [Landespolizeidirektion
  • In cities without Federal Police Headquarters or in Municipalities: the district administrative authority [Bezirkshauptmannschaft]
Required Documents

Please note: Most driving licence authorities require the original documents plus copies.

In case of a conversion of an EU or EEA driving licence on a voluntary basis:

  • Passport or personal identification card [Personalausweis]
  • Foreign driving licence
  • One perfectly identifiable photo (35 mm x 45 mm) of the owner (if possible following specific passport photo criteriaGerman text)
  • Possibly extract from the driving licence file of the issuing country and possibly a translation (simplifies the process at the responsible authority)
  • Possibly Residence Registration Form [Bestätigung der Meldung] (simplifies the process at the responsible authority)

In case of a conversion of a non-EU or non-EEA driving licence:

  • Passport
  • Foreign driving licence
  • Possibly a translation of the driving licence
  • One perfectly identifiable photo (35 mm x 45 mm) of the owner (if possible following specific passport photo criteriaGerman text)
  • Medical reportGerman text
  • Possibly Residence Registration Form [Bestätigung der Meldung] (simplifies the process at the responsible authority)

The driving licence authority may ask for additional documents in particular cases.

The authority can survey the Central Register instead of your having to present a residence registration form if you wish so.


  • Conversion: 60.50 Euro
  • Express production: additionally 11,25 Euro

Please note: Fees for examination or medical reports are not included in the fees mentioned above.

Additional information (e.g. concerning obligatory driving tests etc.) can be found on the German website at oesterreich.gv.at.

System for Recording Driving Offences (Demerit Points System)

The system for recording driving offences (measures against reckless Drivers) lists 13 risk-encumbered recordable offences [Vormerkdelikte]. These are in addition to the existing offences for which a person may have their driving licence suspended [Führerscheinentzugsdelikt] and administrative offences.

The system for recording driving offences applies to all drivers in Austria, regardless of their place of residence.

If a recordable offence [Vormerkdelikt] is committed, the following procedure is applied:

  • 1st offence: recorded
  • 2nd offence: measures must be taken
  • 3rd offence: driving licence suspended for at least three months

Administrative fines must always be paid, regardless of whether the offence is recorded, measures are to be taken or the driving licence is suspended.

Please note: Foreign drivers who commit three recordable offences [Vormerkdelikte] will be banned from driving in Austria.

Recordable Offences

OffencesLegal Consequences
Driving or operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.5 to less than 0,8 parts per thousandFine: 300 Euro to 3,700 Euro
Driving or operating a "C" or "D" category vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.1 to less than 0.5 parts per thousandFine:
Category C: 36 Euro to 2,180 Euro
Category D: 363 Euro to 2,180 Euro
Obstructing a pedestrian crossing, thereby endangering a pedestrianFine: 72 Euro to 2,180 Euro
Failing to observe a "STOP" sign, causing drivers having priority to brake or turn suddenly, thereby endangering themFine: up to 2,180 Euro
Failing to stop at a red light, thereby endangering othersFine: up to 2,180 Euro
Driving in an emergency lane [Pannenstreifen], thereby hindering utility vehicles (Note: Emergency lanes can be used in case it is necessary for clearing a lane for emergency vehicles.)Fine: up to 2,180 Euro
Driving in a rescue lane Rettungsgasse , with a  multi-lane vehicle and (when emergency vehicles are blogged) with a single-lane vehicle
Fine:72 Euro up to 2,180 Euro
Failing to observe the driving ban for vehicles carrying hazardous goods in tunnelsFine: up to 726 Euro
Violating the laws concerning restrictions for transport trucks carrying hazardous goods driving in motorway tunnelsFine: up to 726 Euro
Violating the regulations concerning conduct at railway level crossings, in particular
  • attempting to cross the crossing if the state of the road traffic (e.g. a traffic jam) could entail stopping on a level crossing
  • climbing over the closed gate, driving or walking around it or illegally entering the cordoned-off area
  • crossing the railway level crossing despite visual or acoustic warning signals or when the gate is fully or partially closed
Fine: up to 726 Euro
Driving a motor vehicle where the
  • technical condition or
  • insecurely fixed load
constitutes a hazard to road safety
Fine: 72 Euro to 2,180 Euro
Failing to observe child safety regulationsFine: up to 5,000 Euro
Failing to observe the safety distance regulations 
If the distance is between 0.2 and 0.4 seconds
Fine: up to 726 Euro

More Information

Additional information on "driving licence" can be found on the German website at oesterreich.gv.at. 

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