The Birth of a Child − Hospital/Outpatient/Home Birth

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In the Hospital

You should register with the maternity ward of the hospital of your choice as soon as possible so that a bed can be reserved for you when you give birth. At the same time enquire about anything you may need to pack for your hospital stay.

Outpatient Birth

An "outpatient" birth combines the advantages of birth at a hospital and a home birth. Outpatient birth means you deliver the baby in the maternity ward of a hospital and if no complications arise, you can leave the hospital with your baby just a few hours later. At home you will be cared for by your midwife ("Hebamme") and your paediatrician.

For an outpatient birth the following steps are necessary:

  • Find a midwife and a paediatrician as early as possible during your pregnancy.
  • If you participate in a birthing class, you can get all necessary information there about giving birth.
  • Register in time with the hospital of your choice.
Postnatal care is particularly important in the case of an out-patient birth. Your midwife will provide care for at least the first ten days and a paediatrician will come to your home to examine the newborn.

Home Birth

If you would like to give birth at home, you should discuss it with your paediatrician. Before making your final decision, consider whether your living conditions and family situation allow this. After the decision for a home birth find a midwife who will care for you during your pregnancy as well as during labour and after delivery (postpartum period).

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