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Benefits and Support for Low-Income Families Provided by the Provinces

A number of provinces and municipalities also offer parents and their children benefits and other forms of support under certain circumstances.

The City of Vienna and a number of other provincial governments, for example, support low income families with a Family Income Supplement.

Other charities (such as the Caritas Family Support Centre, Volkshilfe Österreich or Hilfswerk Österreich) provide support in the home and with childcare while the mother and child are in hospital and during their first few weeks at home. Under certain circumstances, the costs of this support can be covered in full or in part by the provinces and municipalities.

Family Allowance

Family allowance is granted to parents for their children irrespective of whether the parent is in employment or their income level.

The amount of family allowance varies according to the age of the child (amounts as of January 2016):

Family allowance according to the age of the child
Age of the ChildMonthly Amount
From birth111.80 euro
3 years and over119.60 euro
10 years and over138.80 euro
19 years and over162 euro
Supplement for a child with a severe disability152.90 euro

If there are several children in a family, the total amount of family allowance rises by the following amounts (sibling supplement scale):

  • By 13.80 euro per month for two children
  • By 51 euro per month for three children
  • By 104 euro per month for four children
  • By 157 euro per month for five children
  • By 210 euro per month for six children
  • By 51 euro per month for each additional child (seven children and more)


Parents are entitled to family allowance if:

  • their centre of life is in Austria and
  • their child (which can also be an adopted child, a foster child, a stepchild or a grandchild) lives together with them in the same household or if this is not the case, if the parents provide the principal part of child support

Once the child reaches its 18 birthday, family allowance will only be paid under certain circumstances, for example if the child

  • is training for an occupation (or studying at university)
  • is undergoing further training in her/his profession at a technical college and is therefore unable to work,
  • will probably be permanently unable to support herself/him due to a disability,
  • has completed compulsory military service, training or alternative community service but has not yet started or started to continue vocational training (the vocational training must be commenced or continued at the earliest possible date) or
  • you have the right to Family Allowance for your full of age children who have not reached their 24 birthday for the period between their graduation from school and the earliest start of further education.

Where to Apply

The Tax Office For Your Place Of Residence

Child Tax Credit

Each tax-payer who draws Family Allowance [Familienbeihilfe] is entitled to child tax credit amounting to 58.40 per child and month.

This child tax credit is paid together with the family allowance and does not require a separate application.

Increased Family Allowance


  • The child has a disability rating of at least 50 percent or
  • The child is permanently unable to support itself

The increased family allowance amounts to 152.90 euro per month (as of January 2016) and is paid in addition to family allowance.

Where to Apply

The Tax Office For Your Place Of Residence

Necessary Documents:

  • Application Form Beih3 "Antrag auf Gewährung des Erhöhungsbetrages zur Familienbeihilfe wegen erheblicher Behinderung" that can be downloaded

Multiple Child Bonus

The multiple-child bonus of 20 euro per month is payable for the third and each subsequent child. The bonus must be claimed separately for each calendar year and is paid out as part of the Annual Wage Tax Adjustment [Arbeitnehmerveranlagung] or taken into account when an Income Tax Return [Einkommensteuererklärung] is filed.

The following eligibility criteria must be met:

  • Family allowance must be drawn for at least three children
  • Family income in the year before the application for the multiple child bonus is submitted must not exceed a certain ceiling. The ceiling for income is 55,000 euro per year.

Where to Apply

The Tax Office For Your Place Of Residence

Single Earner or Lone Parent Tax Allowance

Single earners and lone parents are entitled to the single earner or lone parent tax allowance. The single earner or lone parent tax allowance per year amounts to:

  • 494 euro for one child
  • 669 euro for two children
  • 889 euro for three children
  • This amount rises by 220 euro for each additional child

The single earner or lone parent tax allowance may be claimed from your employer during the calendar year. The employer must also take into account the child supplement to the single earner/sole parent tax allowance if the employee applies for it (Form E 30).

Note: Even if the employer has made allowance for the single earner/lone parent tax allowance during the year, the details of the deductions must nevertheless be disclosed to the relevant Tax Office during the course of the Annual Wage Tax Adjustment [Arbeitnehmerveranlagung].

Child Maintenance Tax Allowance

Anyone who can prove that they pay statutory maintenance for a child not living in the same household is entitled to claim a monthly child maintenance tax allowance at the following rates:

  • 29.20 euro for the first child
  • 43.80 euro for the second child
  • 58.40 for the third and any additional children

Note: A claim for this deduction must be submitted to the relevant Tax Office during the course of the Annual Wage Tax Adjustment [Arbeitnehmerveranlagung] or when filing the Income Tax Return [Einkommensteuererklärung].

Family Pass

A family pass offers families concessionary rates for leisure activities in addition to the wide range of family benefits. This concessionary card is granted by the provinces under several different names (e.g. Kärnten Card, Familienkarte) subject to certain criteria being met.

For further information about the family pass please contact the Office of the Provincial Government.
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