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Specialised College education courses [Fachhochschul-Studiengänge] were created as an independent alternative to the existing courses of study at universities. Particular features of this type of education are:

  • Profession-oriented and experience-oriented organisation at higher education level
  • Fixed study duration – six semesters (bachelor study) and two to four semesters (master study) - obligatory attendance
  • Award of an academic degree to the graduates

Students at a college are on an equal footing with students at universities.

Measures concerning academic subsidies [Studienförderung] or subsidies of studies abroad also apply to students at colleges.

Almost 50% of courses are offered for working people (work and study at the same time in contrast to full-time study).

A list of the specialised College in Austria can also be found at HELP.gv.at.

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