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The "old" Residence Registration Form ["alte" Meldezettel] has been replaced by the certificate of registration [Meldebestätigung].

The "new" Residence Registration Form [Meldezettel] is the form which the Residence Registration Authorities [Gemeinde] use to enter the registration data into the Central Register of Residence Registrations [Zentrales Melderegister].

The residence registration form can be downloaded, is provided by the registration office and can be obtained at some tobacco shops.

The registration form has to be filled in completely and readable. The following has to be considered:

  • Religious confession: This box can be left blank until the landlady/landlord has signed the residence registration form. It can also be left blank completely.
  • ZMR-Number: This number has to be filled in if it is known. The ZMR-Number has twelve digits, is randomly assigned by the system and helps the authorities with the identification.
  • Signature of the person who is to be registered: This confirms the correctness of the data.
  • Signature of the person providing accommodation

Provider of accommodation is a person who offers accommodation to a tenant, for example

  • The owner of a house or a common hold flat offers accommodation to themselves, the flat mate (for example partner, relatives) or the main tenant
  • The main tenant offers accommodation to the flat mate or the subtenant
  • The subtenant offers accommodation to the flat mate
For each person a separate residence registration form has to be filled in.
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