Marriage Certificate [Heiratsurkunde]

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The marriage certificate along with the birth certificate [Geburtsurkunde], the partnership certificate [Partnerschaftsurkunde] and the death certificate [Sterbeurkunde] are the four fundamental civil status documents.

The marriage certificate represents an excerpt from the marriage records kept at the registry of births, deaths and marriage [Standesamt] and shows their basic contents.

The marriage certificate contains

  • the surnames and the first names of the husband and wife,
  • academic degrees
  • the first names and other names,
  • their surnames before the marriage ceremony,
  • the day and the place of their births,
  • optional the affiliation to a legally recognized church or church society and
  • the day and location of the marriage ceremony.

Academic degrees and professional or similar titles are attached to one's name in marriage certificates. The marriage certificate also contains the following:

  • Dissolution, annulment of any previous marriages
  • Any changes concerning the name in connection with the marriage (for example any possible double names, determination of the surname of the children originating from the marriage)
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