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General Information on Filing Loss Reports

Have you lost something? Please always file a loss report!

Responsible Authority
If you have lost something in the "Wiener Linien", the Viennese public transport system, please call the hotline of the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service at +43 1 4000-8091.

Lost and Found Office

There are exceptions from the general rule that municipalities are the competent authorities. In some cases it is obligatory to notify the police or another authority. For example, people who have lost their driving licence or their licence plates or whose driving licence or licence plates have been stolen must make a notice of loss or a report of theft without delay. If firearms (e.g. pistols or revolvers), forbidden firearms or munitions (e.g. hand grenades) are found, they must be taken to the police or (in the case of found munitions) reported there.

Documents to Be Presented

Official identification with photo [amtlicher Lichtbildausweis], if available


For the loss report

  • Generally: free of charge
  • In Vienna: 4.20 Euro fee for the official confirmation of loss of one's driving licence 

For the confirmation of loss report (only ON DEMAND)

  • Federal administration fee: 2.10 Euro
  • Additionally, if the confirmation is not intended for a specific authority:
    • Federal fee: 14.30 Euro

Have You Found Something?

Anyone who finds an object that someone else has lost or forgotten, has the basic obligation to return it. If the value of the object exceeds 10 Euro and the owner is not known, the finder has to report the find to the responsible authority.

Found identity cards and documents bearing a name also have to be handed in at the respective authority.

The Lost and Found authorities will try to locate the rightful owner in order to return the lost items. The central online data base "fundamt.gv.at" makes found items accessible throughout Austria.

Entitlement to a Reward

Upon demand, the finder is entitled to a reward. The amount of the reward depends on the value of the object found, with a distinction being made between something that has been "lost" and something that has been "forgotten":

  • For something that has been lost: 10 percent of the value
  • For something that has been forgotten: 5 percent of the value
  • Above a value of 2,000 Euro, the percentage is halved in both cases

Further information on entitlement to a reward or propertyGerman text can be found on the German website at HELP.gv.at.

Responsible Authority

Lost and Found Office

  • Generally:
    • The Municipal Office [Gemeindeamt] or Magistrate [Magistrat]
    • In Vienna: the Lost and Found Service locations of the Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] and/or the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Zentrale des Fundservice]
      The Lost and Found Service locations of the individual Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] are connected online with the Central Office.
      Objects handed in at a Municipal District Office are forwarded to the Central Office after three days.
      Detailed information on the Lost and Found Service of the City of ViennaGerman text can be obtained from the website of the MA 48.
      In Vienna there are Lost and Found containers right next to the Municipal District Offices [Magistratische Bezirksämter] which make it possible to deposit items outside of the office hours. It is also possible to deposit found items in the office mail boxes of the Municipal District Offices [Magistratische Bezirksämter].
  • With regard to firearms and forbidden firearms which do not count as munition (e.g. pistols or revolvers):
  • With regard to munitions (e.g. machine guns or hand grenades):
    • Immediate notification of a police station or of the military – Do not keep munitions yourself!

Claim to Property of the Found Object

If the owner of the found object cannot be located, the found object is described and published in the citizens' information bulletin. If the lawful owner has not contacted the authorities after one year, the finder of the object is notified and the object is handed over to him or her. However, in the event that the finder is also unknown, after this period has elapsed the found objects are either given to the Dorotheum Auction House [Dorotheum] for sale or are sold at the Flea Market.

By handing over the object ownership is transferred to the finder, provided he or she is honest. However, should the lawful owner turn up within the one-year period, the object has to be handed over to its owner by the lost and found office or the finder.

The finder can claim the property

  • for finds up to 100 Euro in value up to six weeks from the expiry date of the one-year period and
  • for finds exceeding 100 Euro in value up to two months from notification by the finding authority.

More Information

Additional information can be found on the German website at HELP.gv.at.

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