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Public Transport

If you lose an object on public transport, please report it immediately to the Central Office of the particular transport network.

If you have lost something in the "Wiener Linien", the Viennese public transport system, please call the hotline of the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service at +43 1 4000-8091.

Since the individual transport networks may keep the found objects for varying periods of time, only the Vienna Transport Authority [Wiener Linien] is cited here as an example. After two to three working days these objects are passed on to the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice]. The found items (for example keys, jewellery, valuables, other items) will be stored for a year. After that period, found objects will be given to the Dorotheum Auction House [Dorotheum] for sale.


Please note: Objects handed in at airport Lost and Found Offices are stored at larger airports for one year, or passed on to the local authorities responsible for lost and found objects.

For any lost luggage bearing flight labels please turn directly to the concerned airline.

National passports or documents whose owners cannot be located are passed on to the responsible authorities. Foreign documents are sent to the respective foreign representation in Austria.


The airport Lost and Found Offices will not issue loss reports. Additionally, they do not inform you if any of your lost items is found. Therefore, the owner has to call in order to get information.

Austrian Federal Railways [Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)]

In case of loss please turn to the train staff first. Any objects found in trains or railway stations are stored for two to three weeks at the station at which they were handed in. At the same time, an official enquiry is sent to all stations so as to locate the lawful owner as quickly as possible.

If you lose an object, please contact the Mungos Lost + Found Service of the Austrian Federal Railways [ÖBB].

Lost identity cards and documents as well as bank cards and wallets will be sent to the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice] in Vienna after a couple of days.

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