Loss of Identity Cards

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Any ID cards found which bear a name must be handed in to the following locations:

  •  The Municipal Office [Gemeindeamt] or Magistrate [Magistrat]
  • In Vienna: the Lost and Found Service locations of the Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] and/or the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice]
    The Lost and Found Service locations of the Municipal District Offices are connected on-line to the Central Office.
    Items that are handed over to the Lost and Found Service are passed on to the Central Office after three days.

If an identity card is stolen rather than lost, the police are always the competent authorities.

The locations listed above try to locate the lawful owner in order to return the found objects.

If you need a duplicate made of a document, you will find the relevant information on the following pages:

For the re-issuing of a lost ID card for handicapped people [Behindertenpass], a pupil or student identity card, a yearly public transport ticket etc., please consult the respective issuing authority.

More Information

Additional information can be found on the German website at HELP.gv.at.

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