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Loss of Account Cards and Securities (e.g. Savings Account)

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Account Cards

If you have lost a bank or credit card in Austria during bank opening times, then proceed to the nearest branch of your bank. There you will receive information about account closing fees and the cost of a new card. Outside of your bank's office hours, there are 24-hour-service numbers for your bank card servicing company at your disposal.

Service numbers:


You should also always file a loss or theft report, irrespective of whether the loss or theft of your card happened in Austria or abroad.

Securities (e.g. Savings Account)

In case of the loss or theft of securities (e.g. savings accounts, stocks, bonds) a loss or theft report has to be filed, as well as an invalidate procedure [Kraftloserklärungsverfahren] has to be opened at the responsible court. The institutes where the securities have been acquired will give advice and offer their help.

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