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If you should lose a document, we recommend that you file a loss report [Verlustanzeige].

Present the confirmed loss report to the responsible authority authorised to issue a duplicate or a new document.

In many cases, civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) can be issued without a loss report. Please check accordingly with the responsible authority.

A duplicate of a lost divorce certificate (court ruling on the annulment of a marriage) can also be issued by the responsible court without presentation of a loss report.

It is recommended to have the certificate of citizenship [Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis] reissued, because it will be important for going through various official channels (e.g. issuing a passport for the first time).

If a certificate of registration [Meldebestätigung] is lost, you can apply for a registration inquiry [Personen-/Meldeauskunft] for yourself or a certificate of registrationGerman text.

If a Social Insurance Card (e-Card) is lost, please contact your health insurance institution [Krankenversicherungsträger], which will issue a duplicate (service number: +43 50 124 33 11).

Responsible Authority

  • The Municipal Office [Gemeindeamt] or Magistrate [Magistrat]
  • In Vienna: the Lost and Found Service locations of the Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] and/or the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice]
    The Lost and Found Service locations of the individual Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] are connected online with the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice-Zentrale].
    Items that are handed over to the Lost and Found Service are passed on to the Central Office after three days.

If an identity card is stolen rather than lost, the police are always the competent authorities.

Documents to Be Presented

Official identification with photo [amtlicher Lichtbildausweis], if available


For the loss report

  • Generally: free of charge
  • In Vienna: 4.20 Euro fee for the official confirmation of loss of one's driving licence

For the confirmation of loss report (only ON DEMAND)

  • Federal administration fee: 2.10 Euro
  • Additionally, if the confirmation is not intended for a specific authority:
    • Federal fee: 14.30 Euro

If you need a duplicate of a certificate or insurance policy etc., please consult the relevant issuing company.  

If any documents found bearing a name are handed in at a Lost and Found Office [Fundamt], these authorities will try to find the lawful owner, so that they can return the documents.

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