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Loss of Documents

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If you should lose one of the documents listed further below, we recommend that you file a loss report [Verlustanzeige].

Present the confirmed loss report to the responsible authority authorised to issue a duplicate or a new document.

In many cases, civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) can be issued without a loss report. Please check accordingly with the responsible authority.

A duplicate of a lost divorce certificate (court ruling on the annulment of a marriage) can also be issued by the responsible court without presentation of a loss report.

It is recommended to have the certificate of citizenship [Staatsbürgerschaftsnachweis] reissued, because it will be important for going through various official channels (e.g. issuing a passport for the first time).

If a Social Insurance Card (e-Card) is lost, please contact your health insurance institution [Krankenversicherungsträger], which will issue a duplicate (service number: +43 50 124 33 11).

Responsible Authority

The Lost and Found Service locations of the individual Municipal District Offices [Magistratisches Bezirksamt] are connected online with the Central Office of the Lost and Found Service [Fundservice-Zentrale].

Documents to Be Presented

Official identification with photo [amtlicher Lichtbildausweis], if available


  • Loss report: free of Charge
    • In Vienna: 4.20 Euro fee for the official confirmation of loss of one's driving licence
  • Confirmation of loss report (only on demand):
    • 2.10 Euro Federal Adminstration Fee
    • Additionally 14.30 Euro Federal Fee, if the confirmation is not intended for a specific authority 

If you need a duplicate of a certificate or insurance policy etc., please consult the relevant issuing company.  

If any documents found bearing a name are handed in at a Lost and Found Office [Fundamt], these authorities will try to find the lawful owner, so that they can return the documents.

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