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What you should do in the event of losing the following:


For the loss report

  • Generally: free of charge
  • In Vienna: 4.20 Euro fee for the official confirmation of loss of one's driving licence 

For the confirmation of loss report (only ON DEMAND)

  • Federal administration fee: 2.10 Euro
  • Additionally, if the confirmation is not intended for a specific authority:
    • Federal fee: 14.30 Euro

Please note: If you need a substitute until the issuing of the duplicates of the driving licence, the vehicle registration document or the licence plates, ask for a confirmation of the loss report. This, however, will cost 16,40 Euro. With this confirmation you are allowed to drive a motor vehicle in Austria for a certain period of time:

  • Substitute for a driving licence: four weeks from the date of loss
  • Substitute for a vehicle registration document: one week from the date of loss
  • Substitute for a licence plate: one week from the date of loss if you attach a provisional alternative plate to the vehicle

If you find one of the documents listed above, please report it at a police station.

More Information

Additional information can be found on the German website at

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