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General information

People who are expecting changes in their job situation can register as unemployed at the Public Employment Service Austria [Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS)]. There are branch offices in each province of Austria as well as in bigger towns to which job seekers can turn. As soon as the AMS receives notification from a job seeker, professional advice is given by a personal advisor.

If the person seeking a job has acquired a claim to unemployment insurance benefits through previous employment (e.g. unemployment benefit [Arbeitslosengeld], unemployment assistance [Notstandshilfe]), such benefits might possibly be paid by the AMS.


  • Seeking employment
  • Aged 15 or older


If a person is entitled to unemployment insurance benefits, he or she must sign on at the AMS on the first day of his or her unemployment at the latest. Furthermore, he or she must meet fixed deadlines in order to enjoy such benefits.

If a job seeker signs on online at the AMS before becoming unemployed, it is sufficient if he or she personally contacts the regional branch office of the AMS within ten days after the start of unemployment.  

Competent authority

The AMS regional branch officeGerman text competent for the job seeker's principal residence


It is necessary to appear in person and fill in several forms at the competent AMS regional branch office. Job seekers are assigned personal advisors there who discuss further procedure with them concerning their job search.

If the job seeker has acquired a claim to unemployment insurance benefits, the application form can either be picked up in person at the competent AMS regional branch office or filled in online.

Documents required

Depending on the job seeker's individual situation, different documents and papers have to be submitted. It is recommended that they enquire by phone at the competent AMS regional branch office about which documents they need to bring with them.


There are no costs for signing on at the AMS.

Additional information

Even if a job seeker has no claim to unemployment insurance benefits, there are several benefits provided by the AMS which he or she could be entitled to. It is best for job seekers to discuss individual possibilities of support with their personal advisor.

Furthermore, it is important to cooperate with the AMS and to seize job chances that are offered. This includes writing applications and attending job interviews. The AMS will try to provide the best possible support. Nevertheless one's own initiative is the most important factor in order to find a job. Tips on job applicationsGerman text can be found on the German website at

Legal basis

Arbeitslosenversicherungsgesetz (AlVG)


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