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Financial Support for Job Seekers

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Unemployment Benefit

In order to be entitled to claim unemployment benefit [Arbeitslosengeld] a person must have been in insured employment for the appropriate qualifying period.

Generally 52 weeks in insured employment within the last two years are required when claiming unemployment benefit for the first time. 

Adolescents under the age of 25 require only 26 weeks in insured employment to be able to claim unemployment benefit. 

Detailed information on unemployment benefitGerman text can be found on the German website at

Further Aid and Financial Benefits

On expiry of entitlement to unemployment benefit unemployment assistance [Notstandshilfe] is payable under certain conditions.

Furthermore, detailed information on further aid and financial benefitsGerman text for job seekers provided by the Public Employment Service Austria [Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS)] can be found on the German website at

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