Marginally Employed People

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General Information

Employments are considered marginal employments [geringfügige Beschäftigungen] if the payment to which the employee is entitled does not exceed the following sums:

YearLimit per working dayLimit per month
2019446.81 Euro
2018438.05 Euro
2017425.70 Euro
201631.92 Euro415.72 Euro
201531.17 Euro405.98 Euro
201430.35 Euro395.31 Euro
201329.70 Euro386.80 Euro
201228.89 Euro376.26 Euro
201128.72 Euro374.02 Euro
201028.13 Euro366.33 Euro
200927.47 Euro357.74 Euro
Since 1 January 2017, there is no daily marginal earnings threshold [Geringfügigkeitsgrenze]. The only criterion for judging whether employments are marginal employments is the monthly limit. Employments lasting less than a month are subject to partial insurance in the accident insurance if the payment does not exceed the monthly marginal earnings threshold. This applies irrespective of whether the employment is within a single calendar month or not. If the payment is below the threshold only because of the start and the end of the employment, because of short-time work or in the case of employment as a caretaker, the regulations concerning marginal employment do not apply.

With the exceptions of their number of working hours and the regulations in the Austrian Employee Act [Angestelltengesetz] about giving notice, the same labour law regulations apply to marginally employed people as to all other employeesGerman text. Thus they are entitled to holidaysGerman text, nursing leave [Pflegefreistellung] and severance pay [Abfertigung] under the same conditions as all other employees.

Depending on which collective agreement [Kollektivvertrag] is applied, marginally employed people also have the right to special payments [Sonderzahlungen] (e.g. holiday bonus [Urlaubszuschuss] and Christmas allowance [Weihnachtsremuneration]). Special payments are not taken into account when calculating whether the marginal earnings threshold has been exceeded.

Social Insurance

Accident Insurance

Marginally employed people are covered by accident insurance. The employer is required to register them with the competent health care insurer [Krankenversicherungsträger] before employment has commenced (registration of employeesGerman text).

Health Insurance and Retirement Pension Insurance

It is recommended that marginally employed people voluntarily obtain health insuranceGerman text and retirement pension insuranceGerman. In this case they must submit an application for optional insurance to the competent health care insurer [Krankenversicherungsträger] themselves. The insurance premium (which is reduced) must be paid monthly by the employee.

If a person is in multiple marginal employment relationships and earns more than the current (2019 – for the year 2018, the limit was 438.05 Euro) marginal earnings threshold of 446.81 Euro per month in all those jobs together, he or she is compulsorily covered under health insuranceGerman text and retirement pension insuranceGerman text and is required to pay insurance premiums. As a consequence entitlement to health and retirement pension insurance benefits commences for him or her.

Marginally employed people are obliged to pay an insurance premium to their health insurance institutionGerman text, their accident insurance institution and their retirement pension insurance institutionGerman text for their marginal employment if they are in an employment relationship with full coverage insurance at the same time.

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