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General information

In general, third-country nationals who are subject to the passport obligation require a visa when entering Austria and during their stay in Austria. Exceptions from this rule can be defined by the EU, by federal law or by intergovernmental agreements. The Federal Ministry of the Interior offers a visa list that shows which citizens may enter Austria without a visa. 

Detailed information on types of visas can also be found at


General principles and requirements for issuing visas:

  • Application Form for Schengen Visa
  • A travel document with at least two empty pages that is valid for travel to Austria and was issued within the preceding ten years; furthermore, the validity period of the travel document should exceed the visa validity period by at least three months. 
  • A passport photo (upright format 35 x 45 mm) according to certain criteria for passport photosGerman text
  • Confirmation of travel health insurance for the scheduled duration of stay covering all risks (insured sum of 30.000 Euro, valid for the entire Schengen area)
  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the scheduled duration of stay and for the return to the country of origin or residence
  • Other evidence requested by the respective authority (hotel reservations, letters of invitation, accounting records, return ticket, proof of current job etc.); as the required evidence is adapted to the local standards and coordinated with the other Schengen embassies, it may vary from place to place
  • Absence of other grounds for refusal (residence prohibition, tendering by a Schengen State etc.)
Depending on the individual circumstances, additional documents may be requested. Please make enquiries in this regard at the Austrian representation authorityGerman text.

Competent authority

In general, all types of visas are issued by representation authoritiesGerman text abroad or, in strictly exceptional cases, by some border inspection posts or, in the case of a legitimate visa extension, by the federal police headquarters [Landespolizeidirektionen].

The responsibility for issuing Schengen visas lies with the representation authority of the country in which the visa applicant's main travel destination is located. If there are several main travel destinations (e.g. in case of round trips), this responsibility lies with the representation authority of the country in whose territory, with regard to the duration and the purpose of the trip, the principal destination is located. If a main travel destination cannot be determined, the first Schengen state entered by the traveller is responsible.

The territorial competence for applications for A and C visas depends on the applicant's legal residence in the consular district of the representation authority. The authority may exercise its extraordinary competence concerning applications made by people who are legally resident, but not domiciled there, if the applicant states that he or she had to submit his or her application to that consulate.

If a D visa is requested, the application must be made at the competent Austrian representation authority. For D visas there is a special regulation concerning territorial competence which is stipulated in section 8 of the Fremdenpolizeigesetz (FPG): The territorial competence for carrying out official acts in visa matters depends on the foreigner's residence (i.e. the residence which can be considered the primary centre of one's daily life, which is verifiable through a residence registration form [Meldezettel], a residence permit, a Visa or the like).

Information about all representation authorities (addresses, phone numbers, office hours, special features of the visa issue procedure and many more) can be obtained from the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs' website.


The lists of charges held by the respective Austrian representation authorityGerman text show the consular fees.

Additional information

For further information, please contact the Federal Ministry of the Interior, department V/7 by phone: 01/531 26-3557 (from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.).

Visas can only be extended in the country in clearly defined exceptional cases.

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Application Form for Schengen Visa

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