Spike Tyres


Driving with spike tyres is forbidden only in the summer months of June, July, August and September. A standardised spike sticker must be attached to the rear of the vehicle in a position that makes it clearly visible. Such stickers are available at motorist associations (ÖAMTC, ARBÖ).

Use of Spike Tyres

Spikes may only be used in combination with motor vehicles [Kraftwagen] with a permissible maximum weight of up to 3.500 kg. If the towing vehicle is equipped with spikes, the trailer that is being towed must also be equipped with spikes (up to a maximum axle load of 1.800 kg).

Spikes must be used on all wheels which transfer forces to the road surface. The tyre's steel pins must not stick out more than 2,0 mm beyond the tyre's tread and must settle tightly in the tyre in order to avoid damage of the road surface and of other vehicles.


Use of spikes in combination with motor bikes is forbidden.

Speed-Limits for Motor Vehicles with Spike Tyres

There are special speed-limits for motor vehicles driving with spikes. The limit is ~ 62 mph [100 km/h] on motorways and ~ 50 mph [80 km/h] outside towns.

Regulations Concerning Spikes in Europe

Use of spike tyres is not allowed in all European countries.

Sections 4 and 58 of the Kraftfahrgesetz-Durchführungsverordnung (KDV)

Last update: 24.03.2021
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