Using a Mobile Phone While Driving – General Information

While driving, drivers of motor vehicles are not allowed to

  • use a mobile phone for telephoning without a hands-free car kit and
  • use it in any other way except as a navigation system (provided the mobile phone is fastened in the car).

Therefore, for example typing or reading text messages, e-mails or messages on social media channels as well as web browsing while driving is explicitly prohibited and punishable.

Fixed hands-free car kits are required to have a device for the attachment of mobile phones that allows the driver to operate the phone with one hand without changing his or her driving posture significantly.

Mobile hands-free car kits are required to have either an ear-phone that is connected to the phone by a cable that is long enough or an ear-phone that is wirelessly connected to the phone. A cable may be used only if it does not disturb the driver's field of view. The position of the microphone must ensure unhindered speech and that a suitable driving posture need not be changed significantly when phoning. The driver's view and his or her movement must not be obstructed. Furthermore, the mobile phone must allow one-handed operation.

Any violation may be punished with a fine [Organmandat] of 50 Euro. If reported, the authorities may impose a fine of up to 72 Euro.

Last update: 24.03.2021
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