Snow-Covered Traffic Signs and Ground Markings

Round traffic signs which are completely covered with snow or ice and which are unreadable as a result can not be recognised and have no validity. However, traffic signs which can be recognised by their shape (e.g. a triangular give way sign, an octagonal stop sign) must be respected.


Round traffic signs that are only partly covered with snow and are recognizable must still be respected.
In case traffic signs are completely snow-covered drivers should also pay attention to the behaviour of other road users.

Ground markings which are completely covered with snow or ice and which can not be recognised as a result are only invalid if there are no additional corresponding traffic signs or the like. If the road surface is snow-covered and directional arrows are therefore not recognisable, the general traffic rules of the Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO) apply.

Short-term parking zones must be respected even if the corresponding ground markings are covered with snow as they are always marked by corresponding traffic signs. However, short-term parking zones can be suspended in times of heavy snowfall. 

Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO)

Last update: 24.03.2021
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