Lighting Requirements

There is no general obligation to switch on the lights during the day. However, a dipped beam is always required if visibility is impaired by rain, snowfall, fog and the like and at dusk and in the dark. Two-wheeled motorcycles (mopeds, motor bikes) have to be driven with a dipped beam or with daytime running lights at all times.

Lights may be used during the day if the driver so chooses.

The following types of daytime lighting are permitted:

  • Special daytime running lights alone (not combined with standard dipped beam, main beam or front fog-lamps)
  • Standard dipped beam
  • Passing lamp alone (without the rear position lamp)
  • Front fog-lamps and dipped beam
  • Front fog-lamps alone

Section 99 of the Kraftfahrgesetz (KFG)

Last update: 24.03.2021
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