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Goldene Biene

Justitia Award 2005

e-Europe Award


Justitia 2003

Stockholm Challenge Award 2000

Justitia 2000

4. Speyerer Qualitätswettbewerb

W:URL received one of the main prizes of the Amtsmanager 2007 in the category "E-Government". received the "Goldene Biene Award 2006" in the category "Complex Shopping and Transaction Environments". reached the second place in the Justitia Award 2005 (Category: "Best juristic homepage of public authorities, lobbies and education"). received the e-Europe Award 2003 in the category "A better life for European citizens". received the "e-Media Award 2003" for the best Austrian website in the category "information". was selected as the best public-sector home page 2003 providing information on legal matters. was among the finalists of the Stockholm Challenge Award 2000. was selected as the second best public-sector home page providing information on legal matters at the Justitia Awards 2000. was one of the winners of the 4th Speyer Quality Award of the Speyer Academy for Public Administration Science (Germany). received the W:URL Award for the best Austrian web presentation.

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