The growing number of visitors of indicates that this website is increasingly used by citizens to prepare and transact official procedures. Due to the continuous further development of the different topics and the widening of the range of services, the number of user sessions per month is increaseses a hundredfold as high as it was when the online service was launched in 1997. The number of user sessions has risen from 19,778 monthly in January 1999 to a remarkable 1.829.726 in June 2018, with an average length of stay of about 5.06 minutes.

By looking at the growing number of users, approximately over 630 counters would have to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order to meet the citizens' needs by spending about 15 minutes to answer each query.


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The number of life situations has increased from 15 (1998) to more than 200. As of 1 January 2010, 70 life situations were transferred from the business part to the new Business Service Portal [Unternehmensserviceportal] (, which provides information about multiple business situations. New life situations are included into on an ongoing basis.

To ensure that every target group immediately finds what it is looking for, the relevant information is shown separately. The top five life situations are "Birth of a Child", "Driving Licence", "Retirement Pension", "Motor Vehicles" and "Residence in Austria".

The site "Formulare/Online-Amtswege" (forms site) is one of the most popular sites of Currently, offers access to approximately 1,000 forms in different formats (online, pdf and doc/rtf/xls), thereof more than 350 are accessible online. These forms are accessed about 2,687,933 times a year.

What Does Offer Citizens?

The Federal Chancellery has been operating the service portal for citizens since 1997. provides information on all interactions with Austrian authorities and interactions with federal ministries, federal states, municipalities, social insurance institutions and other institutions associated therewith. It is based on concrete "life situations"German text so citizens can obtain information from their perspective and is operated nationwide and on an inter-administrative level. Examples of such life situations are "birth of a child", "driving licence" and "retirement pension". was the first European information and transaction portal of its kind and has received numerous awards, including the prestigious e-Europe-Award in the category "A better life for European citizens". enjoys a high degree of reputation and acceptance among the Austrian population. 90 percent of its users are Austrian. Current media information on can be obtained from the Austrian web analytics [Österreichische Webanalyse/ÖWA].

Due to its excellent performance as well as its broad acceptance within the population, has contributed significantly to Austria's status as one of the leading e-government countries in Europe.

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